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Hello and welcome to my very first blog post! I must say I have a little bit of stage fright! What if I get booed? Ah well here goes… I’m sitting here at my desk drinking a fruit smoothie that my husband just made me, while my space heater is kicked up on HIGH! We keep frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas on hand. The frozen banana makes it resemble ice cream! (Ok, a girl can dream.) We add healthy stuff to it like protein powder and liquid vitamins! We pretty much have a smoothie every day! It is a fun way to get your vitamins!

I just looked over at my puppy lying on the floor and she has THREE dog toys laying next to her! She is a herder that is for sure! She even walks around the house carrying two at a time in her mouth! She makes us laugh!

Every night after she eats her dinner I give her a couple of carrots. That’s her dessert! Tonight I gave her some praise for finishing her food and she literally jumped in the air in excitement for the carrots that were coming her way! You see she is a picky eater. I asked her vet if I should be worried about this and he said “Well, she has a nice waist line and she’s not skin and bones, so she seems to be doing just fine!” I think any of us ladies might like that description! Ha!

She is my first dog ever! Ok if my parents are reading this: Dad’s hunting dogs, don’t count! I was afraid of them so I never went near them! So yes, at age 33 I got my first puppy! And I got a Rottweiler! (I’m not messin around!) Ha! Her name is Storm. Yes, I used to be afraid of dogs and now I am the owner of a Rottie! Life is funny!

Around the time we started talking about getting a dog my husband, (boyfriend at the time), was about to have back surgery. I had the idea we should get a dog to keep him company while he was recuperating! Well, things didn’t quite go as planned and all of a sudden I was the primary puppy owner! His back was going to take a long time to heal and I was going to have to take care of the pup! So I enrolled Storm and myself in puppy class 101! Storm and I have had a special bond ever since!

Check out my Rottweiler puppy pics, 8 weeks old and then now at age 2 yrs old! Her toys have gotten larger in size along with her!

Feel free to leave me comments below! Good night friends!

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