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Are you a newly engaged couple? Congrats! I remember that wonderful feeling! So much to celebrate! So much to plan! I was so excited to find our photographer and to do our engagement photos! Engagement photos are so fun! You get to bring different outfits and accessories and go to fun locations! We even included our puppy in some of our photos! It was perfect! Speaking of perfect, you have got to check out Shauna and Terry’s engagement photos from this Spring! They showed such emotion and love toward each other! I had to fan myself a couple of times! Wooo weee!:) I definitely encourage newly engaged couples to have fun and relax during their engagement pics. There’s no pressure, we’re there to have fun! I give prompts to get you to think about one another and not the fact that I’m there with a big camera pointed at you! These prompts totally work! Check out the romantic and fun photos we took at their engagement session!

Congratulations again to the newly engaged! Please let me know if you need help with any of your wedding planning! I love weddings! I have a list of wedding vendors that I recommend both in my home town back in the midwest and also in my new home town here in Sonoma County, CA! I would be happy to recommend a hair and makeup artist for your engagement session as well! It’s a great time to have a practice session with your engagement hair and makeup! I also know some wonderful wedding planners here in Northern California! We get a lot of destination brides to our area! We love helping brides from other cities plan their wedding here in wine country!

Contact Natasha to schedule your engagement session! Call or text: 707-892-3565 or

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Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estates is your celebration location in Healdsburg, California. The mission-style architecture is beautiful, with it’s terracotta roof, bell tower, wrought-iron accents and courtyard with reflecting pool! There is also an onsite luxury guest suite with private terrace!

I had the privilege of photographing their industry open house recently! I arrived early and saw the team at Michel-Schlumberger working hard to ensure every last detail was thought of!

The party rentals and décor were designed by Wine Country Party & Events. On display at the open house were four different design set ups representing four different seasons. One design also gave you a sample of how your bridal shower might look on their beautiful terrace!

The hors d’oeuvres were provided by Michel-Schlumberger’s Executive Chef, Michael Pryor, former sommelier of the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

Music and entertainment was provided by AMS Entertainment DJs Alexander & Mindy!

I encourage you to visit this beautiful Estate winery, take a tour, stay for a tasting and schedule your next celebration here! You can definitely tell everyone at this party was having a great time! There’s no doubt your guests will feel the same way!

Adorable “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards from Swish (formerly Papitre), located in Healdsburg, CA.

Thank you for visiting my blog and viewing my photos of this special celebration! Contact me via email: or by phone: 707-892-3565 to learn more about my photography services! Share this article so you can refer back to it and visit this winery soon!

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The keepsake box is a unique alternative to the traditional photo album. It has been called the “unbound album”! It is a place to remember, explore and preserve your story. An experience. Your story is not over. One great thing about the keepsake boxes that I offer is the fact that you can keep adding to it! There’s lots of room for more photos! There’s also space for other keepsake items to be added!

When I first found this amazing product it reminded me of my grandmother’s large shoe box of photos that we all loved to sit around and dig through. We’d each grab a pile and then show each other photos that we loved! It was a fun experience. I loved seeing photos of my grandparents in their younger days and photos of my aunts and uncles too! This is the upscale shoe box of photos! One that you can proudly display for everyone to experience!

My own wedding keepsake box is featured further down in the post. I have added the small purse I had at my wedding day and the sash that was on my dress! The keepsake box is great for preserving your wedding day memories! There are many ways to use the custom wooden unbound photo album! Scroll down for lots more pictures and examples!

The first one featured here is the keepsake box that Sarah & Chris Doten ordered for their wedding and reception photos! Their children will certainly enjoy looking at their photos for years to come!

http://www.natashamcguire.comThe size is 9″ x 12″ x 7.25″ deep. The finish is white washed ash. It includes a leather fabric wrap, glass vials, hand made paper and envelopes, fabric wraps and numerous 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ prints! Their engraving was based on the champagne glasses that they had at their wedding reception. The glasses were a gift from Sarah’s mom. I sent a photo of the glasses to the engraver and wa-la, an exact match! Too cool!

The fabric wraps are the colors of Sarah and Chris’s wedding!

I loved being there as Sarah looked at her new family heirloom!

There are numerous finishes to choose from!

Featured below is the mini-keepsake box shown in oil rubbed walnut. The size is 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 4″ deep. It includes glass vials, fabric wraps and numerous 4″ x 6″ prints. The glass vials are used for anything small you’d like to preserve. They are miniature time capsules! The mini was a great size for Emily and Richie Grabbe’s twin babies’ 7 month old photo session! We got a lot of fabulous photos of their little girl and little boy!

I got to hand deliver this keepsake box to my friend and client and see her look at her babies prints for the first time. The linen prints are really unique! The texture is sort of raw and it gives the photos a slight matte finish. The white edging added to the photos will help with any wear the photos might see over the years. Hopefully they will experience wear from so many people experiencing looking through them!

This is another keepsake box in the 9″ x 12″ size, shown in the black northern ash finish. The engraving was based on my wedding invitation! I worked with my friend Laura at Laura Strong Designs for our custom wedding invites! This keepsake box was a gift to my in-laws! 

Next up is the ultimate keepsake box. The size is 20″ x 20″ x 4.75″ deep. Shown below in a dark walnut finish. We had engraved a sentence from our wedding vows! The flower in the engraving was taken from our wedding invitations. And the same font was used as our invitations as well.

Underneath the secondary lid are three spots for 5″ x 7″ prints and the glass vials.

Included with the ultimate keepsake box are two leather satchels which fits prints or custom designed loose album pages. One fits square prints up to 8″ x 8″ and the other fits panoramic prints sized up to 16″ x 8″! Fabric wraps and a leather wrap for 4″ x 6″ photos also included. Hand made paper with envelopes are included for love letters between the couple on their wedding day or throughout their marriage!

The glass vials hold wedding day items, such as dried bouquet flowers, extra beads from your wedding dress, lace, twine, etc. Anything that shows the details and memories of your wedding day! Or depending on how you are using the keepsake box, things that remind you of your high school senior year or of your family members. If you went on spring break or a vacation to the beach, sand would fit great in one of the vials! I love the mini-time capsule / memory vials!

http://www.natashamcguire.comFeatured below is another mini-keepsake box. This was created for two high school senior girls. Maggie and Jackie are twins who had their photo sessions back to back and included photos of each other together! Their mom said they are always together so, it only makes sense they are photographed together as well! We had a great time and I love the way the keepsake box and linen prints turned out. The linen texture on the prints adds an upscale finish you can only find with a professional photographer!

View of the bottom of the keepsake box and lid.

There is room next to the vials for a class ring, other jewelry or small keepsake items!

Leather wraps are available in brown or black leather. Engagement photos taken of Allie and Steven Nemeth at their favorite park are shown below!

Which one will you fill up with your memories? Contact Natasha for more information and to schedule your photo shoot! Email: or call her at 314-680-8274.

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  • May 22, 2015 - 10:42 pm

    Hally - Hello! I am interested in your keep sake boxes. Do you sell them separate from your photography services? We already had our photos done but want them in something like this now.

I had the pleasure of visiting Francis Ford Coppola Winery recently and I’d love to share my experience! In two words: beautiful and delicious! We enjoyed a meal and wine at Rustic, the restaurant at Coppola Winery. I had a glass of the Director’s Cut Pinot Noir with my lunch. My husband who is not much of a wine drinker had the Reserve Viognier, which he enjoyed. I liked both of them! I plan to return soon and do the wine tasting here as well. Our lunch was fabulous. I had the grilled salmon from the everyday classics. My husband had the linguine with fresh clams. Check out my instagram feed for photos of our dishes! Follow me @natashamphotos. Definitely sit outside at Rustic. You will see why they won ‘Best Outdoor Dining’ of North Bay 2014! They also cook on an authentic Argentine grill. Which we are told is the reason for the fabulous food! The service was great here as well! The views are amazing from the outdoor terrace. I think Francis Ford Coppola Winery would be a great location for an engagement session, what do you think?

Lots of great movie memorabilia to check out while there, including the famous desk and chair from The Godfather!

I love classic cars. This is called a Tucker.

We spotted some soaps in the gift shop from our hometown of Saint Louis, MO!

Look at all of those cameras around his neck!:)

I even like their wine display shelving. I’d like something like this in my house!

The  hand-drawn plans from the Apocalypse Now movie reminded me of my college days in drafting class!

The pool looked super nice! Next time I’m bringing my suit!

Contact Natasha regarding her photography services at: or call her at: 314-680-8274. I would love to schedule your engagement photo session here or maybe even your surprise proposal! Call me!:)

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I recently had the privilege to photograph two high school senior girls, in a stylized shoot in Santa Barbara, CA! We spent some time on the beautiful grounds of the Fess Parker Hotel. A staircase, large palm trees and a pergola with columns were the perfect backdrops! Christy wore a blue dress with spaghetti straps and lots of beading with a white and orange flower crown. Sofia wore a white halter dress with beading and a white and purple flower crown. She also had some fun wearing a fur and she looked fabulous in it! We then walked across the street to the beach and photographed the girls there together. I often encourage my high school senior models to incorporate things that they like in some of their senior photos, even a friend or a family member! Stylized shoots offer the opportunity to spice things up with unique outfits, professional hair and makeup and fun locations! I can definitely help you plan a stylized shoot of your own! We’ll meet up prior to your session and brainstorm ideas! In the meantime check out how gorgeous these girls looked during their photo shoot!

Models: Christy Jacobs, Sofia Hsu | Makeup: Cassidy Zellmann | Orange Headpiece: Josh Kosh | Purple Headpiece: Catie Wood | Dresses: Kelly Hopkins | Fur Coat: Kristy Velesko | Concept by: Kelly Hopkins, Catie Wood and Josh Koch.

Photography: Natasha McGuire Photography


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