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Getting the best bride and groom photos.

How do I get the best bride and groom photos on my wedding day? The short answer: Allow time for pictures of just the bride and groom to be taken while no one is around. These photos are often called “The Romantics”.

Schedule 15-20 mins out of the day when there are no family or bridal party members around. How do we accomplish this? Have the bridal party hangout in the limo or bus while you are having your private session. Or have the bridal party go to their own short cocktail hour at another destination or just not within view of your romantic private session.

Benefits of having your own private photo session include: Feeling more relaxed because you don’t have people waiting on you or starting at you.

Taking a few minutes to look at each other and soak in your day. Taking this time will add to the memories you have of your wedding day. Go for a short walk and talk to each other. Your photographer can photograph you from a distance for a couple of minutes and allow you some private time to talk.

When should this time be scheduled? This can be done immediately following a first look, right after your ceremony or even during your cocktail hour or reception. It’s only a few short minutes, the time will go by so fast! It’s a special thing you can do for the two of you. Something you will always treasure. You could even bring wine or your beverage of choice! It’ll be fun. I promise.

The following photos were taken during a private photo session of just the bride and groom. I had a great time second shooting with Todd Studios for Amy & Todd’s wedding! The bride wanted plenty of photos of just her and her husband! The family was instructed to go back to the bride’s family home where the family photos would be taken. The bridal party was enjoying a short “happy hour” of their own inside the winery were the couple got married.

The time for photos of just you and your groom can easily be scheduled into the day. Contact me at: natasha@natashamcguire.com and I will create your very own custom timeline!

Photos taken at the Wooden Nickel Winery and Saloon.

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