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Beautiful Teenage Skin and Natural Photo Retouching – Santa Rosa, CA

It’s no secret, I love working with high school seniors. We have a lot of fun on our photo sessions. We always incorporate something that interests them, hobbies or extracurricular activities, for example. Something that a lot of my clients have worried about, though, is teenage acne. I do not want my clients to worry about this during their photo shoot. I have had much experience with natural photo retouching.

Please do not worry about any blemishes you might have prior to our photo session. You will look flawless in your professional photos!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Monica Walters Lac, MSOM, who is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist here in Sonoma County, CA. I have also visited her clinic for treatments. After one of our sessions, we started talking about teenage acne. She mentioned she can treat teenage acne and see noticeable differences within a month! I knew I had to share this information. She said it’s normal to have a small amount of acne as hormones are adjusting. Yet, she can make it substantially better without the use of harmful topical or pharmaceutical products.

Monica explained that the acne washes at the drug store work solely by drying the skin. In other words, they treat the face but not the underlying and internal problem. Using a holistic approach for her patients facing acne problems, Monica creates custom treatment plans tailored to the needs of your unique body and skin. She uses acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs as well as diet and lifestyle modifications. Take a look at Monica’s clinic to get a feel for the environment prior to your visit.

We both agreed that many people, regardless of their age, are self conscious about their acne. It might be surprising to think about this: whatever you are putting on your skin enters the blood stream with seconds and can circulate to other parts of the body.  Monica stresses that for women, the quality of their makeup should be examined. Gut health is also highly linked to the health of your skin. Cleaning up your diet from processed and junk foods can be a great first step in the process. Plus, it’s helpful to keep in mind that probiotics help everyone’s digestion and skin!

Call Monica for a free 10 minute phone consultation and to book your appointment at (916)-741-2960. Visit her website at:
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