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Soulard Fine Arts Building | Home of the St Louis Artist

I’d like you to check out The Soulard Fine Arts Building, which is the home of the St Louis Artist! Well, about 16 or so artists, at least! I had the opportunity to meet many of my neighbors and even photograph them in their studio spaces! I was able to provide a professional headshot for each artist, but also provide what I like to call a “lifestyle headshot” session as well. This helps you see the artist in their working environment and really picture what they do!

Please meet John M. Newman an architect and a metal sculpture and digital artist! John can be reached at regarding any of his art work. He has very unique pieces!

Please meet John Lesch of John Lesch Design. John does custom furniture design and fabrication, which he characterizes as museum quality construction and period reproductions. The custom table pictured below is made of walnut with a bronze inlay. Please see more of John’s work at Contact John at


Please meet Mike Murphy with Mike Murphy Mosaics. Mike creates birdhouses, table tops, mannequins and wall art using stain glass, clear glass, glass beads and found objects. Find out more at or email Mike at

Next up is Matt LaBerta with LaBerta and Sons Cycles. Matt has served the St. Louis area bicycle community for 20 years. He specializes in bicycle repair, custom frame building, custom wheel building and metal work and welding. Check out what he’s been up to here: LaBerta and Sons.

I’d like to introduce you to Ted and Katie Gast. Katie is an author and illustrator. She enjoys writing for children and creates art on her iPad. Learn more about her and her work at  Ted is a scientist, artist and inventor!  Ted creates one of a kind abstract art pieces. Contact Ted at to learn more about his work!

The Gasts own Arch Paper and C.F. Gast Co as well! Arch Paper creates 100 percent post-consumer cotton paper. Renew, recycle, repurpose! C.F. Gast Co is a representative for industrial instruments and equipment.

Next up is Karen Landon with Idyll Arts. Karen creates beautiful watercolor drawings. Contact Karen at to view and purchase a piece from her private collection. The pink daisy drawing pictured below was developed using a salt treatment to add texture! I love the red poppies watercolor I received from her! I can’t wait to have it framed!

I’d like you meet Cecilia Younger, a metal sculpture artist! Cecilia creates one of kind pieces. The metal sculpture on the left had just recently been painted and the one on the right has not been painted yet. She can be reached by email at

Please meet Robert Michelmann, the owner of The Soulard Fine Arts Building and a metal sculptor himself! In the photo below, Robert is creating a metal frame that will go around the outside of a canvas print for a client. Robert does custom metal fabrication and stainless steel design and creations, ranging from stainless steel sinks and tables to complete stainless steel laboratories. Find out more about Robert at his website at:

Please meet Cole Meyer an oil painter also located in the Soulard Fine Arts Building. His paintings are finished off with ornate solid wood frames. Fine art commissions are welcomed. Find out more about Cole and his background at

Those are just a few of my talented neighbors, whom I gladly share space with at 1007 Russell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63104. Keep your eyes peeled to see more of their work coming to an art gallery near you!

The Soulard Fine Arts Building was built in 1910 and operated as The Jersey Farm Dairy. The terracotta frieze on the front of the building depicts a milkmaid with her cow and a bull.

Please contact Natasha for your own lifestyle headshot session! Call her at: 707-892-3565 or email: Thanks for visiting!:)

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