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Allie & Stephen’s St Louis County Engagement Session

Castlewood Park in St Louis County was a great location choice for Allie & Stephen’s engagement session! We moved to multiple locations within the park and Allie & Stephen were open to trying new things. For example, I had them walk apart from each other and then with their eyes closed try to find one another without talking! When they found each other they celebrated with big hugs and big natural smiles! We traveled to the ruins within the park and heard movement within the park. Pretty sure the squirrels were keeping an eye on us!

Allie and Stephen have participated in trail rides within the park, so they had lots of good memories there! We found a stream, where they had rock throwing contests! And last but not least we were able to incorporate photos in their Cardinal jerseys!

When describing their e-session Stephen said “I loved the session. Neither of us are really comfortable in front of a camera, so the guidance was awesome. The outcome of the pictures were awesome because they seemed natural. Everyone we showed them to agreed the natural ones of us were their favorite.” Allie said “We loved it! It was in one of our favorite places and really captured our laid back relationship.” When asked what did she most enjoy about the engagement session she said: “Being natural. We both don’t do well with forced, fake poses. We end up looking uncomfortable in the picture.” I’m so glad I could give Allie & Stephen what they were looking for in their engagement photos. We had a lot of fun that day too!

I loved hearing about how Allie & Stephen meet. They were neighbors in college and quickly became friends. Their first date wasn’t until after knowing each other for a month or two! They were the only ones left on campus while everyone else was away on Christmas break. They drove 30 minutes to get to the restaurant and Stephen’s windshield started to crack! It was freezing outside and Stephen was afraid the entire windshield was going to shatter while they were driving! Stephen said “The date itself, like every time we go out, was personal, natural and fun. It truly felt like we had already been dating for years.”

Thanks for hanging out with me at Castlewood Park and I can’t wait for your upcoming wedding in April!

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  • August 2, 2015 - 1:31 am

    terri correnti - Love these pics ! They are beautiful! Congrats to my cousin Stephen and his beautiful wife Allie. You two are perfect together!!

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