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I strive to give top notch service and I always encourage feedback. Thank you for checking out my “Raves” from my wine country photography clients.

Tarolyn and Joe Wedding-226

“I absolutely love our photos and we’ve received such wonderful feedback from our family and friends as well.  As I’m looking through them yet again (for the 100th time as I type this email), I realize it’s because you captured so much happiness.  The smile on our faces is so big and our eyes are set on one another.  Your photos allow us to relive the most amazing day and brings back all of the emotions.  You allowed us to be “us.”  You gave us prompts and helped us pose when needed, but for the most part you let us be ourselves and captured us in the moment.  The different depths of field provided such variety.  We had photos with every detail in focus, but some with a specific focal point and blur giving this mystical/magical feel.  The combination of the two really appealed to our tastes.  Thank you again for everything!” – Tarolyn Robertson

Monica Walters by Natasha McGuire Photography-10

“I wanted to let you know how much I love your photo work of Monica.  I seen many other photos of your wedding shoots-Monica has shared- and think you have a gift for capturing a persons spirit and a real talent for photography. If my daughter decides at some point to tie-the-knot, I would love to hire you to do her wedding shoot. I wish you the most of success.” – Phil Walters


“Thank you so much for everything! You’re just amazing, you go above and beyond…” – Matthew Bunch


“They are awesome!! I love them!!” – Darren Chia